Practical English Phonetics and Phonology

By Beverley Collins, Inger M. Mees, Paul Carley

Revised and updated throughout, this fourth edition of Practical English Phonetics and Phonology:

  • presents the essentials of the subject and their day-to-day applications in an engaging and accessible manner;
  • covers all the core concepts of phonetics and phonology, such as the phoneme, syllable structure, production of speech, vowel and consonant possibilities, glottal settings, stress, rhythm, intonation and the surprises of connected speech;
  • incorporates classic readings from key names in the discipline;
  • outlines the sound systems of six key languages from around the world (Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish and Japanese);

Written by authors who are experienced teachers and researchers, this best-selling textbook will appeal to all students of English language and linguistics and those training for a certificate in TEFL.